What is D-GID?

The d-gid system is the first technological platform developed by Ecomotive Solutions. Innovative system allowing to fuel diesel engines with a mixture of diesel oil and natural gas (CNG compressed natural gas, LNG liquefied natural gas, Biomethane, Syngas, etc.), d-gid Control Unit determines the amount of diesel fuel injected and air/gas mixture dosage dynamically, modifying it in real time according to the feedback provided by the engine to guarantee perfect operational conditions.


D-GID light

Ecomotive Solutions proposes the ideal Diesel Dual Fuel technology for vehicle’s owners as well as professional transporters, permitting improvements in the fuel economy while helping the environment. Drawing on the experience gained over several decades in the professional logistics and 'heavy-duty' transportation sector, for which the company has developed the d-gid platform, today Ecomotive Solutions extends its range of solutions to
light vehicles, presenting the new d-gid light ECU to all diesel vehicle owners, enabling them to save on fuel without compromising performance or engine safety in any way.