Cod. F01DGD03

The D-GID electronic control unit is designed for the conversion of 12V/24V diesel engines, and ensures high performance, using 'green' fuels such as CNG (methane), LNG, LPG, Bio-methane, Hydromethane, etc. The platform is dedicated to heavy duty vehicles, which travel long distances.

The features of this technology allow for a significant increase in vehicle autonomy, generating economic benefits for the end user and green benefits for the environment, courtesy of the marked reduction in pollutant emissions.

When running on gas, the D-GID ECU calculates the amount of gas to be injected in a gaseous state into the suction line in accordance with the engine load conditions, in order to achieve considerable reductions in diesel consumption whilst offering unaltered levels of performance.
The D-GID technology also enables direct communication with the vehicle engine ECU via Can-Bus, simplifying installation of the DDF (Diesel Dual Fuel) system.

D-GID is equipped with a diagnostics system which covers all of the pneumatic and electronic components connected to it. Using the D-GID Manager calibration software, it is possible to directly check the function of all components, both during system installation and throughout the life  of the vehicle, to prevent risks relating to engine malfunction and to facilitate any necessary technical interventions.

D-GID uses a newly-designed 90-PIN automotive drive connector, which offers a high degree of protection against water infiltration.
The wiring harnesses are designed and constructed using 100% waterproof automotive materials in ADR, and are both extremely reliable and safe.

Operating temperature
between -40°C and +105°C
Operating power supply voltage (under-key) VKEY
between 10 and 30 V-DC
Operating power supply voltage (power) VBAT
between 10 and 16 V-DC
Voltage level detection and protection in the event of incorrect connection at + 24V
Measurement of temperatures inside the card and microcontroller, with protection in the event of a fault.
Management via dedicated control switch, with gas level indicator, status alerts and buzzer
Software for calibration, servicing and diagnostics; compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10
Capacity to manage 1 to 6 gas injectors or solenoid valves
High Speed CAN-BUS interface, which enables communication with OEM CAN-BUS, or with other campatible devices (e.g. D-gid CanBus Gateway ECU, Wideband AFR Probe, other ECU-DGID, etc, ...)
Protection against supply voltage polarity reversal
Protection of all inputs from battery or ground short circuits
Faults (temporary or permanent) stored by the microcontroller, with the option for the manufacturer to read the diagnostics information stored.
ECE type-approvals
10R, 67R, 110R