In an industrial world characterized by flat solutions which are bound to standard production requirements (which research for new applications is often subordinated to the need of producing ‘big numbers’), Ecomotive Solutions confirms, with the #greendustrial line, its commitment towards approachable and tailor-made innovation.

The use of diesel engines for industrial applications is facing a revolution characterized by the need to reduce emissions, carbon footprint and fuel consumption; #greendustrial engines reach this goal by starting from proven mechanics, reinterpreting them in a sustainable way with the use of alternative fuels such as methane, biomethane, LPG and Syngas.

Methane and Biomethane are the new keywords that lead renewable energy market  toward a more sustainable future. Using these energy sources in the most efficient way is the priority for companies that want to play a decisive role in the world of circular economics: with the #greendustrial line, Ecomotive proposes itself as a partner thanks to its commitment in developing innovative and customized solutions.

The only real alternative to solve the issue of Heavy Duty Vehicle emissions and to reduce the carbon footprint in the logistic field is to replace Diesel with Methane which, in its renewable form, that is biomethane, is the best fuel available in the medium term. Ecomotive Solutions responds to the need of storing on board a sufficient amount of alternative fuel through the production of methane and biomethane in liquefied form (LNG / BIO-LNG). Produce small quantities of “zero-mile” LNG / BIO-LNG is the best desirable scenario that Ecomotive Solutions interprets nowadays with its nano-liquefaction technology.

The result of the investment and engagement in Research and Development activities is a range of nano-liquefaction products that will be available from the second half of 2018. To develop this new platform, Ecomotive Solutions and its partners are just working on a pilot plant used to test methods and processes: it is a plant conceived to work with biomethane, currently connected to the gas network, which is able to produce, daily, quantities of LNG / BIO-LNG from 500 to 2000 kg.


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